Oscar Herrero

Oscar Herrero’s concert and teaching career is endorsed by his outstanding results in both artistic fields, making him a flamenco guitar milestone in recent decades.

A guitarist of recognized prestige, winning the first prizes awarded at the highest level in the world of flamenco; the Bordón Minero (Festival de La Union) and the National Flamenco Guitar Prize in Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz.

Oscar Herrero is a musician whose early vocation was channeled not only into the concert world but also into teaching, a field in which he can be considered a true pioneer and innovator.

He is the author of a complete teaching method, following an outstanding investigation into the pedagogy of the flamenco guitar. In his ample compositional repertoire one can find contrasting study and concert works: “La Guitarra Flamenca Paso a Paso” (series of video), “Tratado de la Guitarra Flamenca”, “Estudios para Guitarra Flamenca”

He enjoys the enormous privilege of having been the first flamenco to teach in such places as Russia (Tchaikovsky Conservatory, Moscow), Poland (Chopin Academy, Warsaw).

His profound knowledge of flamenco music has also resulted in an extensive teaching repertoire designed for amateurs of all levels and professionals; so much so that his work was awarded the Special Prize for Flamenco Teaching by the International Festival at La Unión in Murcia, Spain. It is recognition of a career whose prime example is the audiovisual and publishing production of his label “Oscar Herrero Ediciones” (Acordes Concert).

He has performed in the world’s leading concert halls and theaters, such as the Cairo Opera House, Madrid’s Teatro Real and the Hermitage Theater in St. Petersburg. He has traveled as a concert musician and maestro across the five continents, performing on stages where he has displayed a musical creation ranging from solo guitar to a flamenco concert for guitar and orchestra. His last composition was “Concierto Flamenco Verum” for flamenco guitar and orchestra, interpreted by him as soloist.

With maximum respect for the flamenco tradition and essences, Oscar Herrero brings work and inspiration together to achieve impeccable results in his compositions, and in ensuring professional quality and the jondo spirit in all of his innumerable students and disciples



“Torrente” (with Carmen Linares, Serranito, Sara Baras and Javier Barón)

“Brindis de Guitarras” (Celebration of Guitars with the classical guitarist Carlos Oramas)

“Hechizo” (with Tino de Geraldo, Xosé Manuel Budiño, and Guillermo McGill)

“Abantos” (with Enrique Morente, Antonio Serrano and Serguey Sapricheff)

Oscar Herrero has a extraordinary vision of flamenco music, taking care of each note and using his guitar to subtly express this art.