RJ balm of lightRobert Jürjendal, Estonian guitarist and composer, is also known as a member of groups Weekend Guitar Trio, Fragile and UMA. He has performed at famous European festivals and released more than 40 albums. After his first solo album Source Of Joy in 2013 he focused more in solo performances, composed music for nature documentary Hoidmise Vägi (dir. By Riho Västrik) and continued with a church tour together with Jaan Tammsalu in Summer 2014. In March 2015 he released his second solo album Balm Of Light where he connects different sounds of the guitars and live electronics.

The program Balm of Light presents Liira Viira, a wellknown Estonian harp player and composer who’s collaboration with Robert Jürjendal started in 2013 during Weekend Guitar Trio 20 anniversary project. In Dec 2014 Robert Jürjendal and Liis Viira performed at St Nicholas Church in a special program of Jazzkaar festival’s Christmas jazz program.

foto_070_t88deldudLiis Viira is a freelancer composer, she plays at Estonal National Symphony Orchestra and in a chamber ensemble Una Corda. She has improved her composition techniques at Helena Tulve and Margo Kõlar. Her music has been performed at famous concert halls in Europa. Her composition “Book of the Grain of Sand” deserved a Composers Award at Estonian Music Days 2012.