Don Ross

For the most people Don Ross is currently one of world’s best acoustic-guitar-players. International media always calls the son of a scottish immigrant and a mikm’aq – indian „Canada’s greatest guitar player“, who took over from people like Leo Kottkeand others. So far Don Ross is the only 2-times U.S.-Fingerstyle – Champion. This Winfield-championship is also called „Guitarplayers- worldchampionship“.

With his stunning technic and expressive musical language he always takes the audience on to a travel through his own cosmos. Full of energy he also gives the people the feeling to listen to his soul.

Since over 20 years Don Ross is touring around the world. His more then 12 cd – productions sold in for acoustic-guitar-music extremely high rates. He brought up Andy McKee to the scene and with him he produced the album „The thing that came from somewhere“.

Don Ross is currently working and touring a lot with his wife, canadian-award-winner singer/songwriter Brooke Miller.
His YouTube-Video always count a few houndred-thousands „clicks“… His newest album „Breakfast for dogs“ encloses a couple of new compositions by himself as well as some cover-versions like „Crazy“ which his fans call one of the best cover-versions ever.