June 15. 19:00
Kumu Auditorium

Under the Iberian Sun

Jacaras (Poland)

Julieta González-Springer soprano, castanets (Mexico)
Piotr Zaleski timple canario
Mateusz Ławniczak guitar
Łukasz Oleszek guitar
Martin Złotnicki guitar
Łukasz Figiel bass guitar
Jakub Persona percussion instruments

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The Jacaras group was created in 2009. It gathers musicians from Wrocław and a Mexican vocalist, Julieta González–Springer, the graduate of the Kraków Academy of Music and Geneva Early Music Center. Jacaras specialises in dances and songs of XVII and XVIII century Spain and Latin America, arranged for modern instruments. These zestful and expressive dances can be found in today’s popular music of many countries, especially in flamenco style. The music is accompanied by a short commentaries. This popular ensemble has toured in many European countries receiving always warm welcome from the audience.

Artistic director

Tiit Peterson


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